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Margaret is working on her new book
Awakening on a Strange Planet:
The Lightworker’s Guide to Planet Earth

Major Changes for Me

I’m moving and may not be offering Reiki workshops after this year. Please watch this site and subscribe to my newsletter (link in upper right hand corner) for updates. I plan to offer teleconferences and phone / remote sessions but in person work may not be available next year. I am taking December off so no phone sessions in December. See News for details.

Reiki Workshops

Reiki I (Shoden) is the beginning workshop. You learn to use Reiki for your personal growth and healing as well as to offer Reiki to the animals in your life. It is the first step on your Reiki Journey. Shoden is not currently available. Due to a change in schedule, Shoden is not currently scheduled. I do not know when or indeed if I will be able to offer it again.
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Reiki II (Okuden) is a continuation of Reiki I. You learn additional meditation techniques for your own spiritual growth and also receive the training needed to practice Reiki as a Reiki Practitioner if you wish to do so. It is the second step on your Reiki Journey. Okuden is not currently scheduled. I do not know when or indeed if I will be able to offer it again.
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Reiki III (Shinpiden) is the final Reiki Workshop and is often called Reiki Master Training. You learn additional healing techniques extending what you have learned in Reiki I and II and you learn to offer Reiki to others as a Reiki Teacher. Many students take Reiki III for the powerful spiritual transformation. Are you ready to become a Reiki Master? Shinpiden will be offered November 4-6.
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Personal Consultations and Support

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Margaret Dexter

As a spiritual being having a human experience, you bring gifts from other dimensions to contribute to the awakening of planet Earth.

The first step is to wake up and remember the truth of who you are. As you awaken and bring your gifts into you own being, you bring them to all.

In the spring of 2011, I had an Akashic Record Reading with Susann Taylor Shier. Learning who I was at the soul level and connecting with my soul essence was life changing. I have studied with Susann so I can offer this service to others.

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Spiritual Counseling

I facilitate spiritual awakening and transformation through Akashic Record Readings, Teleconferences, Reiki Workshops and Private Reiki Sessions for People and Pets. Animal Communication also contributes to spiritual growth. A session is tailored to your needs at that time.

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Akashic Record Soul Reading and Soul Clearing

Who are you? Why are you here? Have you felt that you are here on some mission but you just cannot remember what it is? I can help you find some answers.

The Akashic Records are a record of all knowledge for all souls for all time. The Akashic Records may be accessed to determine your soul’s history and other information at the soul level. An Akashic Record Reading can help you answer these and other questions regarding your divine soul. Akashic Record Sessions usually include a Journey to the higher dimensions to access resources from your soul and a Soul Clearing.

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Animal Communication

Animals communicate telepathically. Animal Communication involves tuning into the animal to sense what they are feeling and thinking and to communicate with the animal. What do your animals want to communicate to you? What would you like to communicate to them? I can help you by communicating with your animals for you.

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Spiritual Energizations

I plan to offer a new type of session – one that will assist you in awakening to the truth of who you are. More information soon about these sessions. If you would like to experience an energization just book a one-hour consultation and we’ll take it from there. Details to follow.

What is  your next step?

Please take the time to explore the site and let me know how I may serve you. You’ll find information about different kinds of private sessions and workshops. What is your next step? Not sure? Book a consultation and we’ll explore it together.

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Margaret Dexter, PhD
Reiki Master / Teacher and Akashic Record Practitioner